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Alohas, Please use our comment box to let us know which varieties and scents you want/ or any questions you have. Or feel free to call my cell#1-808-398-5203... We Appreciate Your Support & Business...


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  • Gene Farisi (Friday, April 21 17 11:04 am EDT)

    Good morning and Aloha Mr. Martin,
    Please accept my order for the Mahalo Special of 10 plus 1. I will phone with credit card information shortly.


    Thanks, Gene Farisi

  • Bruce McPartland (Monday, April 10 17 04:10 pm EDT)

    Drock you rock, I ordered plumeria from you and recieved two extra beautys and a free hawaiian calendar! I will not order any plumeria's from anyone but you Thank you and mahalo!!

  • Arleen Dollentas (Monday, September 19 16 02:58 pm EDT)

    Hello! Wanted to order a Mahalo special -10 for $65. I live in Southern California. Here are my choices:
    1. Kauka Wilder
    2. Passion Orange
    3. Kauai Beauty
    4. Hawaiian Gold
    5. Kaleinani
    6. Drock Orange
    7. Lei Rainbow
    8. Hawaiian Kimo
    9. Black Hilo Beauty
    10. Honey Rose
    Let me know how much with shipping and how to pay you.

  • Gene Farisi (Friday, September 16 16 04:29 pm EDT)

    For Joy! The Maui Beauty and the Maui Rainbow I received from you in July each have inflos already. Beautiful green leaves and good growth on the others. This is really cool. Thank you Mr. Martin.

  • Peter Gallucci (Thursday, September 15 16 07:54 pm EDT)

    I have purchased Plumeria from other companies, but none as big and good quality as the 4 I just purchased last month. I talked to Derek, the owner, and found him to be very knowledgeable, helpful,
    and willing to help with any and all questions. I will definitely be buying from him from now on.


  • Michael Tannenbaum (Friday, September 02 16 01:09 am EDT)

    The cuttings I received are excellent and will definitely be ordering again from you in the near future.

  • Rosaria randazzo (Wednesday, August 31 16 01:01 am EDT)

    Good morning. I live in Sicily. And interested in buying your plumerias. Do you do shipping in Italy? And can you tell me how much the shipping would cost if I'd get the 4 pack?

  • Henry Weygant (Monday, August 22 16 02:21 am EDT)

    Aloha Derrick, I just ordered a 4 pack of plumerias and would like
    Puu Kahea
    Evergreen Singapore
    Gullets Sunset
    Aztec Gold

    Hawaiian Sunset Hybrid

    Than you,

  • Gene Farisi (Friday, August 19 16 04:17 pm EDT)

    Good morning Mr. Martin.
    I'm so pleased I just ordered another Mahalo Special 10-pack. I will phone you with credit card info on Monday. Please send one each of the following cuttings:

    Dwarf Pink Singapore
    Guillot's Sunset
    Dean Conklin
    Pu'u Kahea
    Pele's Fire
    Scott Pratt
    Kauai Beauty
    Aztec Gold
    Madame Poni

    May need to move to a bigger house.

    Many thanks

  • Gene Farisi (Wednesday, August 17 16 05:19 pm EDT)

    Just received my cuttings and I'm delighted. They are beautiful, fat and healthy. Thank you so much for the unexpected extra surprise. I'll be placing another order in the very near future. You are
    "the best" Mr. Martin.

  • Kristy Saenz (Sunday, August 14 16 01:17 pm EDT)

    Hi, I would like to order a 4pack you pick them.

    1) Hawaiian Gold
    2) Kaleinani
    3) Passion Orange
    4) U of H Orange

    5) Hawaiian Sunset or Keiki Lavender

    Thanks so much!

  • Michael Tannenbaum (Saturday, August 13 16 07:18 pm EDT)

    Hi My name is Michael Tannenbaum,
    I would like two UH Orange, two Passion Orange, two Maui rainbow,two samoan red, and two siam red and the kona hybrid and I would like them to be 18" with at least two tips.

  • M A Sullivan (Monday, August 08 16 12:47 am EDT)

    Hi! I stumbled across your plumerias on eBay, was pleased that you had this site listed so I could buy direct. The reviews on the web for your company are outstanding! I have a few locally (San
    Diego) acquired plumerias and room for more. I'm looking forward to recieving my "mystery" cuttings, yay!

  • Diana Francis (Sunday, July 31 16 09:29 pm EDT)

    Hi.I received my my plumerias in great condition.Thank you for the extras...it's was a big surprise.I will sure to recommend you guys to people who are plumeria lover like myself.Thanks a lot.

  • Darrell Durbrow (Saturday, July 30 16 08:40 pm EDT)

    I wanted to thank you for the cuttings I have purchased from you. Several have already bloomed. I have been asked where I got them and sent them your way. I will post the pictures of the beautiful
    blooms as they show off.

  • Eugene (Gene) Farisi (Saturday, July 30 16 12:13 pm EDT)

    Good morning.
    I placed an order for your weekly special early today and sent you an e-mail with a list of the cutting varities I would like. I will phone you with credit card information. Thank you for your help.
    I can hardly wait to see these beautiful plants.

  • John Chen (Tuesday, July 19 16 01:55 pm EDT)

    I would like to know if you can sell me larger cuttings, multi tips/stems between 3 to 4 feet for the following ones: If yes, let me know how much and cost of shipping.

    U.H. Orange
    B.Martin Hybrid

  • Diana Francis (Monday, July 11 16 05:56 pm EDT)

    I am interested in the Hilo black,but I was told it's very hard to root.if that's true can you please root a one for me?

  • Scott Lane (Wednesday, July 06 16 03:40 pm EDT)

    1 -DROCK ORANGE(New/Exclusive)

    1 -KONA HYBRID #44

  • Keana Ujiki (Saturday, July 02 16 04:10 am EDT)

    Here are my picks for your special 10+1 $60

    Hawaiian gold
    Kauai Beauty
    Lei Rainbow
    Hawaiian sunset
    Passion orange
    UKa red
    Rare/black Hilo
    Hawaiian kimo
    Wainani's honi
    B. Martin hybrid (free item)

  • Danielle Babin (Sunday, June 26 16 07:39 pm EDT)

    I'm baaaack :)

    Kauai Beauty
    Kona Hybrid 44
    Lemon Whirl
    Keiki Lavender
    Maui Rainbow
    Pink Wave Rage
    Pele's Fire
    Samoan Red

    Looking forward to hearing back from ya!

  • Rob (Monday, June 20 16 07:37 pm EDT)

    You will not be disappointed! POP is an incredible source for beautiful plumeria.

  • Jennifer Mackey (Friday, June 03 16 09:58 am EDT)

    Hi Derrick,
    I'd like to order some of your rooted plants that you are offering for 15$ each.
    Puu Kahea
    Madame Poni


  • DeVar Cluff (Saturday, May 28 16 04:04 pm EDT)

    Good morning!
    I would like to order your 10 pack +1 for my birthday.
    1 Maui Rainbow
    2 Lei Rainbow
    1 Puu Kahea
    1 UHO
    1 Rare/Black Hilo Beauty
    1 Celine
    1 Royal Hawaiian aka Plastic Pink
    1 Hannah's Rainbow
    1 Nassau
    + 1 Kaneohe Sunburst Hybrid

    Thank you!

  • Mike Klein (Wednesday, March 16 16 08:28 am EDT)

    form: Mike Klein
    AdeniumRose Company

    Looking to order 120 or more rooted. Last time we had problems rooting several of the varieties (Shakas all died).

  • Lalita Barlow (Tuesday, March 15 16 03:06 pm EDT)


    I'd like to order a collectors pack with the following picks:

    2 - Puu Kahea
    2 - Samoan Red
    2 - DRock Orange
    2 - UKA Red
    2 - Passion Orange
    2 - Hannah's Rainbow
    2 - Hawaiian Kimo
    2 - Papa Joe's Pink
    2 - Madam Poni
    1 - Kauka Wilder
    1 - Lemon Whirl
    1 - Maui Rainbow
    1 - Hawaiian G. Cruse
    1 - Rainbow Shell
    1 - Royal Hawaiian
    1 - Kaleinani

  • Akemi (Friday, March 11 16 05:28 am EST)

    Just placed an order for 10 pick package + Coffee. Please send me the following varieties:

    Pink Banzai
    Guillots Sunset
    Honey Rose
    Lemon Whirl
    Hawaiian Sunset Hybrid
    Pink Pansy
    Lei Rainbow
    Nebels Gold
    Royal Hawaiian


  • M. Krishna Rao (Thursday, March 10 16 03:23 pm EST)

    Awesome plumeria cutting, thank you for the bonus cutting too! All are healthy and look very ready to root

  • Brent Jones (Friday, January 22 16 09:39 pm EST)

    I just ordered the You Choose 4 Pack + 1 Hybrid. I would like the following:
    Rare/Black Hilo Beauty
    Passion Orange
    Hannah's Rainbow
    Hybrid-Kaneohe Sunburst
    Looking forward to adding these to my small collection!

  • kelli Tammaro (Monday, November 02 15 06:34 pm EST)

    Hi we r just moving to HI in lanaki beach and will be there nov 13 i jusy placed and order is it possible to have them delivered that week we r there for 7 dasys and move perment nov 28 so even after
    the 28 would be fine just didnt want them to come and us not be there..thx kelli tammaro

  • Margie Funk (Tuesday, October 13 15 04:47 pm EDT)

    Aloha, my garden is on Kauai, 4 and a half miles inland on the windward East side and at about 450 feet elevation. I have two old plumarias that barely bloom (white with yellow centers and slight
    odor). They are covered with lichen and have weak hollow limbs that break off easily with the weight of chickens roosting in them or me bumping into them.
    I have been told that plumarias will not grow well at this location, that they prefer dryer and more coastal areas. But I would love to grow them if I can keep them healthy. Are there varieties that
    would be suited to my area?
    Mahalo, Margie

  • RICK GRACE (Monday, October 05 15 03:45 pm EDT)

    Alohas, Derrick! I just ordered 2 of your ALOHAS SPECIAL 4 packs. I would like 6 LEMON WHIRLS and 2 PAPA JOES. Many MAHALOS, Rick

  • Debra Schultz (Saturday, October 03 15 12:42 pm EDT)

    U of H for sure I would like to order the 10 package please

  • Cindy Graham (Tuesday, September 15 15 08:01 pm EDT)

    Would love to order the 4 +1 for $35.00 from you and have mine already picked and ready to send. Could you please send me the amount of $ for shipping to zip 93063 (Simi Valley, CA) Thank you so

  • Sarah Kennedy (Friday, September 11 15 11:06 am EDT)

    Hello! If I placed my order for rooted plumerias today any chance you'd be willing to hold off on shipping it until the first week of October? Thank you!

  • Shari Yamachika (Tuesday, September 08 15 11:10 pm EDT)

    Hi Derrick,
    please send me the following.
    2-Pink Pansy
    2-U of H Orange
    Lemon Whirl
    Kaneohe Sunburst
    Maui Beauty

    Thank you.

  • Kathy (Saturday, August 22 15 04:33 pm EDT)

    Hello! I just paid via PayPal for the pick 10 package. Please send the following:
    Rare/Black Hilo Beauty
    Hawaiian Kimo


  • Susan McKenna (Thursday, August 20 15 09:17 am EDT)

    Just ordered a 4-pack cuttings.

    1. King Kalakaua
    2. Dwarf Singapore Pink
    3. Keiki
    4. Your Pick- something dwarf or compact would be great!
    5. Hybrid -same dwarf for compact would be awesome!

  • Susan McKenna (Tuesday, August 18 15 05:27 pm EDT)

    Hi! I was looking at purchasing one of your 4-packs of cuttings, but was wondering if you might have Somoan Fuff cutting available. Looking for something white.

  • Ken (Friday, August 14 15 08:16 pm EDT)

    Do you have a branching 4-5 tip plastic pink, and lei rainbow, rooted left.

  • Lani Minella (Sunday, August 09 15 05:55 pm EDT)

    Superb specimens at the best price anywhere. These are not feeble new plants, but many are old wood and several tips. Can't find a nicer seller or better prices or better plants anywhere. Mahalo
    doesn't begin to express my gratitude.

  • Silvia Simpson (Wednesday, July 29 15 10:26 pm EDT)

    I just paid $51.00 via paypal. The transaction ID is 2W310322V8928354S. Please send the following varieties: Hawaiian Kimo, Hannah's Rainbow, B. Martin Hubrid, and Dean Conklin. Thank you :) Silvia

  • DeVar Cluff (Monday, July 27 15 11:36 pm EDT)

    Please send me;
    Maui Rainbow
    Lei Rainbow
    Put Kate
    and Kane one Sunburst Hyb.


  • Tracey Tackett (Monday, July 27 15 09:49 am EDT)

    I received the seeds you sent and was surprised by your extra gift. Thank you so much. Seeds are sprouting and the cuttings are flourishing. I can't wait to see my first blooms.

  • Joanne Smith (Monday, July 13 15 09:11 pm EDT)

    Received my order today, thank you for the extra cuttings that was very nice of you.

  • Bret Nicholas (Friday, June 19 15 01:29 am EDT)

    4 pack variety: Scott Pratt, Jenn's Pink Ruffle, Kaleinani and Madam Poni. Thank you!

  • Dante Guillermo (Wednesday, June 17 15 05:47 pm EDT)

    2 Hawaiian Kimo
    1 Hannah's Rainbow
    1 Papa Joes's Pink
    1 Kaneohe Sunburst Hybrid

  • ken murphy (Monday, June 15 15 09:47 am EDT)

    Derrick, thanks for the great looking cuttings. Just received the 25 pack and every cutting looks healthy, I truly appreciate the extra.

  • Rick Grace (Saturday, June 13 15 09:59 pm EDT)

    Alohas Derrick! This is Rick Grace, and I will be in Mililani for the month of July. But I wanted to get a few more cuttings from you to plant before I come over there. In the 10 pack I would like 2
    Makaha sunn, 2 Kaui Beauty, 2 Wainani's Kiss, and 4 B.Martins. Thanks for selling a great product to us "Calis"! Many Mahalos, Rick

  • Carol A. (Saturday, June 06 15 03:44 pm EDT)

    Just wanted to let u know 8 weeks after potting all 10 of my cuttings are now growing here in MA! Celadine was first at 5 weeks. Thanks again for such good quality cuttings - so happy I'll have such
    an awesome collection!!

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